Ancient Healing Systems of India




Deborah Keene,
Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner
Registered Yoga Teacher

Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist
Teaching since 1984

"We are most fortunate to have
such a knowledgeable
and talented person as Deborah Keene
in the rural area of Liberty, Maine................
I would highly recommend Deborah
as a yoga instructor and  Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Gretchen R.

  "After almost 20 years of practice
with Deborah, in my mind she offers
such a love of life and respect
for the individual
that few can be compared to her."  
J. K. Director, State of Me. Lab

"Deborah offers rare and 
invaluable gifts to our community."

Mariah and Ian, Liberty, Me.

"I am enjoying and truly appreciate Deborah's
support in upgrading my health.
Her manner puts you at ease and the suggestions
she offers are simple, gentle,
and have yielded  almost immediate benefit.
I look forward to working more
with her in the future and would not hesitate
recommending her to others"

  -P. B. Me.

Member of the Belfast Chamber of Commerce
belfast chamber of


Member of Destination Wellness
Midcoast Maine






Welcome everyone!


Ayurveda and Yoga ~
 The ancient sciences that help teach us how to live a long, happy, healthy life

 "I help others increase their awareness on how best to care for themselves based on their unique mind/body types, how to age more skillfully by making deep, lasting changes, and deepen their connection to their own true self and to their life's purpose."


Coming in 2015!!!
"Getting the Glow" ~ A Vibrant Health Program
for Women

Healthier Eating
Better Digestion and elimination
Increased vitality
Feel Better
Look Better

Sleep Better
Less physical and mental pain
Less Stress
More energy
More ease and joy in daily living

Other Offerings:

Vibrant Skin Care Courses and Clinics for Women

Individual Ayurvedic Wellness Consultations

Individual Skin Care Consultations

Personalized Yoga Programs 

Yoga Therapeutics,

  Yoga Classes, Workshops,
 and more      



The Ayurveda Yoga Center is located in the town of Liberty, Maine, 18 miles from the coastal town of Belfast on Penobscot Bay. The center sits on 10 acres of land and consists of a studio, horse stable, and home.  It is surrounded by woods and is a  minute walk to Steven's Pond where one can swim, kayak, and canoe.

61 Stevens Pond Rd.  Liberty, Maine   04949

Photographs home page:
Deborah Keene - photographer Shelagh Delphyne

Bottom banner photo - Colleen Gleason
Deborah Keene - Shelagh Delphyne
Statue of Kwan Yin -Shelagh Delphyne
Spices in India - Deborah Keene




The classes are deeply influenced by
Yoga's sister Ayurveda.
They are designed according to the
cycles and rhythms of Mother Nature

Come to learn about life and living
through the lens of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Learn about their guiding principles,
gain a deeper understanding of
yourself and be nourished on all levels.

Harmony and Ease in our bodies, minds,
and spirits are dependent upon aligning
ourselves with the rhythms and cycles
of Mother Nature.





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